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Next-Gen - Nurturing Future Leaders

From providing pen and paper for school children in need to entire computer labs, from funding for special programs and activities to full scholarships- NextGen communities care about the education and enrichment of the next generation.

If your charitable organization is motivated to put smiles on students’ faces or if you tear up when you see at-risk youth enjoying school for the first time as they’re finally receiving the proper attention they need, then you definitely belong to a NextGen community. Charidy NextGen offers a visionary crowdfunding strategy to turn your fundraising goals into brighter futures.

The Charidy Magic Touch

We honed our community crowdfunding and fundraising skills for educational projects in various communities, including Hasidic. We specialize in guiding organizations dedicated to helping children find their unique voice in the classroom, pinpoint a unique message that will reach numerous individuals in their community, and tangibly grow the community with each campaign. The bottom line is, we are here to help you.

Charidy NextGen communities who are consistently exposed to unique communications and are shown to foster tighter bonds to foundations that work with Charidy platform in spite of a highly saturated market.

Raising Money For

  • Educational Activities & Buildings
  • Scholarships
  • Parent Education
  • Programs For At-Risk Youth
  • Scholarships
  • Enrichment classes
  • Programs for at-risk youth
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